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Polygonum bellardii All.


Centinodia bellardi, Polygonum arenarium, Polygonum aviculare, Polygonum chlorocoleum, Polygonum flagellare, Polygonum flagelliforme, Polygonum flavescens, Polygonum gmelini, Polygonum kitaibelianum, Polygonum laxiflorum, Polygonum monspeliense, Polygonum nudum, Polygonum patulum, Polygonum ramiflorum, Polygonum reticulatum, Polygonum rubriflorum, Polygonum strictum, Polygonum tiflisiense, Polygonum virgatum

Common names

Narrowleaf knotweed

LinkBlooming knotweed (Polygonum bellardii) in a roadside depression of Abu Samra Road in southern Qatar, February 11, 2014
Location on mapsSalwa Rd, Qatar
LinkFlowers on terminal spikes of narrowleaf knotweed (Polygonum bellardii) on a roadside of Salwa Road. Qatar, February 14, 2014
Location on mapsSalwa Rd, Ar-Rayyān, Qatar


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