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Mathematica program for generation of web pages

main.txt Main program
mainprogr.txt Workflow program
functions.txt Definitions of functions
maintain-exclude.txt Getting list of excluded pictures
maintain-familydata.txt Creating or reading database for families
maintain-familypages.txt Web page for each family
maintain-geo.txt Location on a map
maintain-indexa.txt Index file, listing in alphabetical order
maintain-indexc.txt Index file, compact listing
maintain-indexf.txt Plant species sorted by families
maintain-index.txt Main index file
maintain-kml.txt Creating geo files *.kmz for each plant
maintain-list.txt Getting list of plants
maintain-lookout.txt Creating a web page for lookout of plant names
maintain-montage.txt Creating photomontage of all pictures
maintain-notes.txt Getting list of notes for each species
maintain-outlinks.txt Common outside links
maintain-plantpages.txt Web page for each plant species
maintain-programs.txt Printing list of programs
maintain-sitemap.txt Creating sitemap for Google
maintain-sort.txt Sorting list of plants
maintain-unlisted.txt Unlisted plants
maintain-wiki.txt Get Wikipedia articles
plantlist.txt List of plants
exclude.txt List of excluded pictures
comments.txt List of notes