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Tagetes erecta L.


Tagetes corymbosa, Tagetes ernstii, Tagetes excelsa, Tagetes heterocarpha, Tagetes major, Tagetes patula, Tagetes remotiflora, Tagetes tenuifolia

Common names

Mexican marigold

Extract from Wikipedia article

Tagetes erecta, the Mexican marigold, also called Aztec marigold, is a species of the genus Tagetes native to Mexico. Despite its being native to the Americas, it is often called African marigold. In Mexico, this plant is found in the wild in the states of State of México, Puebla, and Veracruz. This plant reaches heights of between 50–100 cm (20–39 in). The Aztecs gathered the wild plant as well as cultivating it for medicinal, ceremonial and decorative purposes. It is widely cultivated commercially with many cultivars in use as ornamental plants, and for the cut-flower trade.

LinkMexican marigold (Tagetes erecta) flower planted in Al Shamal City Park. Ruwais, Northern Qatar, December 19, 2015
Location on mapsAl Shamal Rd, Al Ruwais, Qatar
LinkOrange flowers of Mexican marigold (Tagetes erecta) planted in a park at Al Rafiei Street in Onaiza area. Doha, Qatar, February 16, 2016
Location on mapsAl Rafiei St, Doha, Qatar


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