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Solanum tuberosum L.


Solanum andigenum, Solanum aquinas, Solanum chiloense, Solanum chilotanum, Solanum cultum, Solanum diemii, Solanum fonckii, Solanum kesselbrenneri, Solanum leptostigma, Solanum molinae, Solanum oceanicum, Solanum ochoanum, Solanum sanmartiniense, Solanum subandigena, Solanum tascalense, Solanum zykinii

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The potato is a starchy, tuberous crop from the perennial nightshade Solanum tuberosum L. The word "potato" may refer either to the plant itself or to the edible tuber. In the Andes, where the species is indigenous, there are some other closely related cultivated potato species. Potatoes were introduced outside the Andes region approximately four centuries ago, and have since become an integral part of much of the world's food supply. It is the world's fourth-largest food crop, following maize, wheat, and rice. The green leaves and green skins of tubers exposed to the light are toxic.[+]

LinkPotato plant (Solanum tuberosum) near Al Istiqlal Street in Onaiza area. Doha, Qatar, January 13, 2016
Location on mapsAl Intisar St, Doha, Qatar
LinkPotato plant (Solanum tuberosum) on Al Intisar Street in Onaiza area. Doha, Qatar, January 18, 2016
Location on mapsAl Intisar St, Doha, Qatar


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