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Salsola vermiculata L.


Salsola chaudharyi, Salsola damascena, Salsola flavescens, Salsola hispanica, Salsola mandavillei, Salsola palaestinica, Salsola rigida, Salsola rodinii, Salsola tamariscifolia, Salsola villosa

Common names

Hamd, Woolly bassia

My notes

This name is taken from a book "The flora of Qatar" by Ekhlas M. M. Abdel Bary (Qatar University, 2012), but J. N. calls it S. villosa.

LinkSaltwort (Salsola vermiculata(?), local name hamd) on roadside of Salwa Road in south-western Qatar, February 21, 2014
Location on mapsطريق سلوى، Qatar
LinkShoot of Salsola vermiculata (local name hamd) in Trainah gardens. Southern Qatar, March 5, 2014
Location on mapsMazra`at Turayna, Qatar
LinkSalsola vermiculata (local name hamd) near Al Khor Hospital. Qatar, April 24, 2015
Location on mapsUnnamed Road, Qatar
LinkSeedling of Salsola vermiculata (local name hamd) taken from area of ponds near the entrance of Irkhaya (Irkaya) Farms. Qatar, November 13, 2015
LinkSalt tolerant plant Salsola vermiculata(?) on windblown sand on southern side of Salwa Road in area of Khashem Al Nekhsh. Southern Qatar, March 18, 2016
Location on mapsSalwa Rd, Qatar


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