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Polygonum argyrocoleon Steud. ex Kunze


Polygonum deciduum

Common names

Silver-sheath knotweed, Persian knotweed

Extract from Wikipedia article

Polygonum argyrocoleon, common names silver-sheath knotweed and Persian knotweed, is an Asian species of plants in the buckwheat family. It is native to Siberia, western China, Central Asia, and the Middle East. It has also become naturalized in parts of the United States, primarily the Southwest, and northwestern Mexico.[+]

LinkBlooming silver-sheath knotweed (Polygonum argyrocoleon) in a roadside depression of Abu Samra Road in southern Qatar, February 11, 2014
Location on mapsSalwa Rd, Qatar
LinkFlowers on terminal spikes of silver-sheath knotweed (Polygonum argyrocoleon) on a roadside of Salwa Road. Qatar, February 14, 2014
Location on mapsSalwa Rd, Ar-Rayyān, Qatar
LinkSilver-sheath knotweed (Polygonum argyrocoleon or may be P. equisetiforme, local name qadab) in a depression near Salwa Road, south-west from Doha. Qatar, April 23, 2014
Location on mapsSalwa Road, Al-Kiranah, Qatar


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