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Poa annua L.


Aira pumila, Catabrosa pumila, Festuca tenuiculmis, Ochlopoa annua, Ochlopoa raniglumis, Poa aestivalis, Poa algida, Poa bipollicaris, Poa hansiana, Poa hohenackeri, Poa humilis, Poa meyenii, Poa ovalis, Poa puberula, Poa royleana, Poa variegata

Common names

Annual meadow grass

Extract from Wikipedia article

Poa annua, or annual meadow grass (known in America more commonly as annual bluegrass or simply poa), is a widespread low-growing turfgrass in temperate climates. Though P. annua is commonly considered a solely annual plant due to its name, perennial bio-types do exist. 'Poa' is Greek for fodder. It is one of the sweetest grasses for green fodder, but less useful than hay. This grass may have originated as a hybrid between Poa supina and Poa infirma.

LinkAnnual meadow grass (Poa annua)(?) on Green Circles (center-pivot irrigation) in Irkhaya (Irkaya) Farms. Qatar, March 14, 2015
Location on mapsSalwa Road, Qatar
LinkSpike of annual meadow grass (Poa annua) on Green Circles (center-pivot irrigation) in Irkhaya (Irkaya) Farms. Qatar, February 26, 2016
Location on mapsUnnamed Road, Qatar


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