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Phalaris paradoxa L.


Phalaris appendiculata, Phalaris dentata, Phalaris obvallata, Phalaris praemorsa, Phalaris pruinosa, Phalaris pseudoparadoxa, Phalaris rubens, Phalaris sibthorpii, Phalaris utriculosa

Common names

Hood canarygrass, Shair al-far, Shaeer al far

Extract from Wikipedia article

Phalaris paradoxa is a species of grass in genus Phalaris. Common names include hood canarygrass.[+]

LinkHood canarygrass (Phalaris paradoxa) on roadside of a road to Zubara in area of Thaghab Al Majda. North-western Qatar, February 28, 2014
Location on mapsAl Ghuwairiya HC St, Al-Ghuwayriyah, Qatar


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