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Paspalum dilatatum Poir.


Digitaria dilatata, Panicum platense, Paspalum eriophorum, Paspalum lanatum, Paspalum moluccanum, Paspalum ovatum, Paspalum pedunculare, Paspalum platense, Paspalum selloi

Common names

Dallisgrass, dallis grass, sticky heads

Extract from Wikipedia article

Paspalum dilatatum is a species of grass known by the common name dallisgrass or sticky heads. It is native to Brazil and Argentina, but it is known throughout the world as an introduced species and at times a common weed. Its rapid growth and spreading rhizomes make it an invasive pest in some areas. It is present in the southern half of North America, southern Europe, much of Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and many tropical and subtropical areas.[+]

LinkSpikelets of Dallis Grass (Paspalum dilatatum)(?) on Green Circles (center-pivot irrigation) in Irkhaya (Irkaya) Farms. Qatar, August 21, 2015
Location on mapsUnnamed Road, Qatar


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