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Murraya paniculata (L.) Jack


Camunium exoticum, Chalcas cammuneng, Chalcas exotica, Chalcas intermedia, Chalcas japanensis, Chalcas paniculata, Chalcas sumatrana, Connarus foetens, Connarus santaloides, Murraya exotica, Murraya omphalocarpa

Common names

Orange jessamine, Chinese box, mock orange, mock lime, satinwood, Lakeview jasmine

Extract from Wikipedia article

Murraya paniculata is a tropical, evergreen plant native to southern China, Taiwan, the Indian sub-continent (i.e. Bangladesh, India, Nepal, north-eastern Pakistan and Sri Lanka), south-eastern Asia (i.e. Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines) and northern Australia (i.e. the northern parts of the Northern Territory, far northern Queensland and northern Western Australia), bearing small, white, scented flowers, which is grown as an ornamental tree or hedge. Murraya is closely related to Citrus, and bears small orange to red fruit resembling kumquats, though some cultivars do not set fruit.

LinkOrange jessamine (Murraya paniculata) in Dahl Al Hamam Park at Al Markhiya Street. Doha, Qatar, April 26, 2016
Location on mapsAl Markhiya St, Doha, Qatar


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