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Lotononis platycarpa (Viv.)Pic.Serm.


Amphinomia dinteri, Amphinomia lotoidea, Amphinomia platycarpa, Leobordea persica, Lotononis abyssinica, Lotononis dichotoma, Lotononis dinteri, Lotononis leobordea, Lotononis lotoidea, Lotononis persica, Lotononis platycarpos, Lotus platycarpos

Common names

Lotus platycarpus

Extract from Wikipedia article

Leobordea platycarpa is a common annual plant in the drier parts of the African continent found in open ground, roadsides, cultivated ground and other disturbed places or in short grassland on sand.

LinkDesert plant Lotononis platycarpa (Lotus platycarpus) in sand near a road to Saudi Arabia in southern Qatar, February 11, 2014
Location on mapsQatar-UAE Road, Qatar
LinkLotononis platycarpa (Lotus platycarpus) near Dukhan Road. Western Qatar, March 1, 2014
Location on mapsGarafat Al Rayyan and Dukhan Highway, Qatar
LinkDesert plant Lotononis platycarpa (Lotus platycarpus) taken from roadside of Dukhan Highway near Ash-Shahaniyah. Qatar, December 18, 2015
LinkLotononis platycarpa (Lotus platycarpus) taken from Al Shabi Street in Onaiza area. Doha, Qatar, April 13, 2016


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