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Ifloga spicata (Forssk.) Sch.Bip.


Chrysocoma spicata, Gnaphalium aegyptiacum, Gnaphalium ammophilum, Gnaphalium cauliflorum, Gnaphalium chrysocoma, Gnaphalium spicatum, Ifloga fontanesii, Trichogyne cauliflora

Common names

Hasaj, shajaret al anz, alj al anza, alj al ghazal

My notes

In a book "The flora of Qatar" by Ekhlas M. M. Abdel Bary (Qatar University, 2012), picture of this plant was placed under the name Agriophyllum minus.

LinkIfloga spicata(?) in sand near Trainah in southern Qatar, February 14, 2014
Location on mapsخط الوكير، Qatar
LinkPlant of Ifloga spicata in sand south from Fuwairit. Northern Qatar, February 9, 2016
Location on mapsUnnamed Road, Fuwayriţ, Qatar
LinkPlant of Ifloga spicata on roadside south from Ras Laffan. North-eastern Qatar, February 19, 2016
Location on mapsUnnamed Road, Qatar
LinkDry plant of Ifloga spicata near a road to Harrarah (Al Kharrarah). Southern Qatar, April 23, 2016
Location on mapsUnnamed Road, Qatar


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