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Erythrina variegata L.


Chirocalyx candolleanus, Chirocalyx divaricatus, Chirocalyx indicus, Chirocalyx pictus, Corallodendron divaricatum, Corallodendron orientale, Corallodendron spathaceum, Erythrina alba, Erythrina boninensis, Erythrina carnea, Erythrina corallodendron, Erythrina divaricata, Erythrina indica, Erythrina lithosperma, Erythrina lobulata, Erythrina loueiri, Erythrina loureiri, Erythrina loureirii, Erythrina marmorata, Erythrina mysorensis, Erythrina orientalis, Erythrina parcelli, Erythrina parcellii, Erythrina phlebocarpa, Erythrina picta, Erythrina rostrata, Erythrina spathacea, Gelala alba, Gelala litorea, Tetradapa javanorum

Common names

Tiger's claw, Indian coral tree, sunshine tree

Extract from Wikipedia article

Erythrina variegata (syn. E. indica Lam., E. variegata var. orientalis (L.) Merr.; tiger's claw, Indian coral tree and sunshine tree; Pāli: pāricchattaka; Sanskrit: pārijāta, पारिजात) is a species of Erythrina native to the tropical and subtropical regions of eastern Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, northern Australia, and the islands of the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean east to Fiji.

LinkIndian coral tree (Erythrina variegata) planted in Dahl Al Hamam Park at Al Markhiya Street. Doha, Qatar, April 12, 2016
Location on mapsAl Baihaqi St, Doha, Qatar
LinkIndian coral tree (Erythrina variegata) in Dahl Al Hamam Park at Al Markhiya Street. Doha, Qatar, April 26, 2016
Location on mapsAl Markhiya St, Doha, Qatar


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