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Digitaria sanguinalis (L.) Scop.


Asperella digitaria, Cynodon praecox, Dactilon sanguinale, Digitaria aegyptiaca, Digitaria australis, Digitaria caucasica, Digitaria ciliaris, Digitaria eriogona, Digitaria gracilis, Digitaria intermedia, Digitaria nealleyi, Digitaria nervosa, Digitaria panicea, Digitaria pectiniformis, Digitaria pilosa, Digitaria plebeia, Digitaria praecox, Digitaria sabulosa, Digitaria sanguinaria, Digitaria sanguinea, Digitaria sanguinolenta, Digitaria sienitica, Digitaria stricta, Digitaria tristachya, Digitaria vulgaris, Leptochloa fascicularis, Milium membranaceum, Panicum aegyptiacum, Panicum aegyptium, Panicum ambiguum, Panicum ciliatum, Panicum eriogonum, Panicum fallax, Panicum gracile, Panicum gussonei, Panicum nervosum, Panicum rottleri, Panicum sanguinale, Panicum sanguineum, Panicum sanguinolentum, Panicum trichostachyum, Paspalum aegyptiacum, Paspalum filiforme, Paspalum sanguinale, Sanguinaria nevenarae, Syntherisma praecox, Syntherisma sanguinalis, Syntherisma vulgaris

Common names

Hairy crabgrass, Zepheera

Extract from Wikipedia article

Digitaria sanguinalis is a species of grass known by the common name hairy crabgrass or large crabgrass. It is one of the better-known species of crabgrass, and one that is known nearly worldwide as a common weed.

LinkHairy crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis) on sidewalk of Al Istiqlal Street in West Bay. Doha, Qatar, August 23, 2014
Location on mapsAl Istiqlal Street, Doha, Qatar
LinkHairy crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis)(?) on Green Circles (center-pivot irrigation) in Irkhaya (Irkaya) Farms. South-western Qatar, November 15, 2014
Location on mapsSalwa Road, Qatar


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