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Aeluropus littoralis (Gouan) Parl.


Aeluropus hirsutus, Aeluropus intermedius, Aeluropus korshinskyi, Aeluropus laevis, Aeluropus micrantherus, Aeluropus pungens, Aeluropus sinensis, Agrostis pungens, Calotheca littoralis, Chamaedactylis maritima, Dactylis distichophylla, Dactylis littoralis, Dactylis maritima, Festuca littoralis, Koeleria littoralis, Melica littoralis, Poa littoralis, Poa pungens, Triticum supinum

Common names

Ikrish, Indian walnut

My notes

Likely to be the same as Aeluropus lagopoides.

LinkMat of Indian walnut (Aeluropus littoralis) in a silty depression in Al Nuaman (Naim tribe, Nuaimiya) near Zubara. Northern Qatar, March 28, 2015
Location on mapsAsh Shamal, Qatar
LinkSalt tolerant gras Aeluropus littoralis(?) taken from salt marsh near Jebel Fuwairit. Northern Qatar, June 20, 2015
LinkSalt tolerant gras Aeluropus littoralis(?) taken from a silty depression near Al Nuaman (Numan) in north-western Qatar, September 12, 2015


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